I had listened to a number of books in audio format before I finally found it not being a good media channel to me. Whatever they were — fiction, or non-fiction — I didn't remember enough, I didn't take a lot from it. For these reason, I've considered reading text more valuable to me.

Now, having listened to an episode of Tim Ferris show with Seth Godin, I looked at audiobooks with a slightly different perspective. As per Seth, listening to audio is really different than reading books. While you can hardly reread book on a regular basis, that approach ideally works for audiobooks. Seth mentioned some books he listens to each month while driving a car, picking them up from a sporadic point. It gives new insights, helps put in practice what's learned. Even if you don't specifically focus on listening. This is the difference.

I'll try listening to some books I've already familiar with so that I check out whether I might benefit from this approach too.